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The purpose of Scouting is to teach Patriotism, Courage, Self-Reliance and

to prepare young people to make healthy, ethical and moral choices over their lifetime. 

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Monthly Pack Meeting / May Advancement Ceremony
Edgewater Park

This parent lead age-appropriate youth enrichment program for Boys & Girls K-5th grade is chartered by Congress. That means our federal government finds benefit in the program. Probably for its history of producing confident, capable, well-adjusted, informed citizen leaders. But you and your family will just think it’s fun.

Pack 513 Marquee Events 

Family camping opportunities all four seasons [] Small and Large Group Experiences [] Pinewood Derby [] Rocket Ice Cream Social [] Kickball Movie Night [] Advancement Picnic

Three levels of membership. 

  1. Guest $25

    1. TShirt

    2. Book

    3. Weekly communications

    4. A la carte prices for events.
  2. Pack $75 and fundraiser participation

    1. TShirt

    2. Book

    3. Weekly communications and live calendar synching option

    4. Uniform Shirt/Neckerchief

    5. Free or special Pack member pricing for events.
  3. Scouts BSA Membership $180 and fundraiser participation.

    1. Book

    2. Weekly communications and live calendar synching option

    3. Online rank advancement with Scoutbook

    4. Free or special BSA member pricing for events.

    5. Required to join a Scouts BSA Troop in as little as 6 months*

* To enter a Troop prior to finishing 5th grade or turning age 11, one must be at least 10 years old and a registered scout for at least six months.

Regular Pack Meetings at Woodbury Baptist Church on 3rd Tuesday of the Month


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Posted on May 22 2022 - 9:19pm

As we look to wind down the school year our Eblast will go quiet from regular events for the Summer but stay tuned as we have several activities planned for the Summer starting with our day-venture at Lake Elmo on June 11th. Sign ups are open

In July we will be having our Rocket Ice Cream event this time potentially partnered up with Pack 601. A separate Eblast will go out in the weeks before that.

August will bring us back to the end of summer with an event still in planning stages. Stay tuned to your email for more information.

We hope everyone has a fantastic Summer break!


June Day Adventure - 2022

Posted on May 22 2022 - 9:08pm

Join us on June 11th at 11:00 at Lake Elmo Reserve. We will meet at the Grilling area near the parking lot to the Swim Pond. Please plan to bring a bag lunch and swim attire for squirting water mists. We can also take in a hike or fishing if people would like.

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Advancement Picnic Tuesday - Edgewater Park

Posted on May 15 2022 - 9:43pm

Pack 513's 2021/22 rank advancements will be presented this Tuesday at our Advancement Picnic.  The event will began at 6:30pm and end approximately at 8pm.  The Edgewater park shelter is covered with 6 picnic tables under cover.  Thus, this event will take place rain or shine.  Please bring your own picnic meal for your family.  There will be cupcakes and cold treats to share among the pack.  Each scout that has earned their rank will receive a rank patch and scout handbook for their next rank.  If you would like bring a game to play with other scouts and/or families.  The park's address is 3100 Edgewater Dr, Woodbury, MN 55125.

Tuesday’s Parent Meeting

Posted on May 8 2022 - 8:01pm

Please make a solid effort to attend our final parent meeting of the school year.  We will go over the format for the Advancement Picnic in less than 2 weeks. I’d also like to propose the pack provide scarves as part of advancement.  Additionally we need to have a serious discussion if we are still going to have a June overnighter. If so we will need all families in attendance to take on a formal role in the event.   Finally if Bill Braun is able to attend discuss pack future after the Webelos crossover next year. 

3 weeks until Advancements

Posted on May 1 2022 - 1:33pm

We are just over 3 weeks away from Pack 513’s advancement ceremony and picnic. Den leaders please check that the scouts will have completed the requirements by May 17.  Parents if you know your child missed any den activities please check with or make arrangements with the den leader to complete those in the next few weeks. 

University of Scouting Extension classes

Posted on May 1 2022 - 1:26pm



The University of Scouting Extension provides a series of 1-hour evening Zoom classes, allowing you to better juggle your responsibilities and childcare. We currently have a selection of classes aimed at busy Cub leaders, and we will be adding classes for Scouts BSA and Venturing Leaders in the near future.