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Pack Meeting
November 18th
Woodbury Baptist Church 6:20-7:30pm
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Regrets make leaders happy

Posted on Oct 26 2014 - 10:52pm

The fifth point of the Scout Law states, "...a Scout is Courteous." Our Pack RSVP system is great way to be courteous to our Pack. Not only does this system (that incidentally, we pay extra for) allow you members to sign up for events, but it also provides a way to indicate you can't make the event. Before our leaders aquire awards, groceries, craft supplies etc, they check the website RSVPs to get a good idea of the quantities needed. Because scouts are prepared, our adult leaders include amounts for the RSVP's not received - ya know, just in case. This costs the pack money, the Pack gets its money from dues and wreath sales. To make up for these expenditures, the Pack may need to raise its dues or make deductions from scout accounts who did not RSVP or indicate regrets.  Remember, up until the deadline (the day leaders go get supplies) you can always change your RSVP status; regrets to attending or attending to regrets - so RSVP early. If you forgot your login information, contact your den leader or web master and let he or she know what event you wish to RSVP for, or ask your login password to be changed to something more easily remembered. yaaaadaa yaadaa

Eagle Scouts and World Series and, and again

Posted on Oct 26 2014 - 10:48pm

Kansas City's Home Stadium Kaufmen Stadium is named for an Eagle Scout. Game three for the away team (Royals) in the 2014 World Series was Eagle Scout Jeremy Guthrie. There's an impressive list of Eagle Scouts who went on to achieve stardom status in areas you wouldn't normally associate with scouting. The takeaway is this; Scouting is an AND activity. Your kid can persue his sports passion AND also progress in the Scouting program. For a full list of famous scouts visit: http://usscouts.org/eagle/bsfamous.asp

Uniforms- Class A, Class B. Where to wear and where to get em

Posted on Oct 19 2014 - 11:16pm

For Tigers through Bears, the Class A uniform in our Pack program is the blue, button up the front shirt, rank specific neckerchief, and a belt. Webelos can wear the khaki version which is nice because it's about this time, they've outgrown their blue.
A Class B uniform is any t-shirt with the BSA logo on it.
Class A uniforms are worn at formal gatherings (like Pack and den meetings as well as to school on National Patriotic Holidays - like the upcoming Veteran's Day, Nov 11.
Class B uniforms are worn at scout events like camp or events like our sled event or other gatherings where there is likely to be large motor skill games and activities. We also encourage these be worn to school on days of a den or Pack meeting.
In your rank specific files on this site (look under Menu, click Files, then click on the appropriate den rank heading) you will find a file named something like, "How to save money on your uniform." The Word document details how and where to get new as well as experienced uniforms for less than the cost of new. There's even information on how to save money on getting the patches sewn on - we recommend sewing over the adhesive because adhesive doesn't hold up, looks sloppy, and it's a bugger to remove the dark stains adhesive leaves behind.
It's not a requirement to own or wear a uniform to be in the program, but the boys really do want to wear them. They take great pride in wearing one. They like to be part of the group, fitting in and seeing and comparing their patches, belt loops, etc. One mom blogger's advice, buy it too big because the boys grow and transferring all those patches can resource consuming.

What? Fundraising orders due already?

Posted on Oct 14 2014 - 12:03pm

Bring your fundraiser order tally sheets and money to the Pack meeting. Keep your customers' address and contact information in a safe place, you'll need that to deliver the items. If you need more time or have other fundraising concerns, talk to the Pack's Fundraising Chair, Mr. Luchsinger. We ask everyone do their best to meet the 30 item sales goal so the Pack can continue with its great program without charging for activities or orchestrating additional fundraising efforts.

Parent Meeting Tuesday. All dens should have at least one representative attend.

Posted on Oct 12 2014 - 10:44pm

One of the many great things about Scouting is it is a parent and child activity. Come to think of it, I don't know of any other extra curricular program that allows parents to be "on the field" with their child like Cub Scouts does.To be an informed parent on how the program works, what to expect, and the best ways to get the most out of Scouting, come to Tuesday's meeting 6:30 at the St. Germain's 1232 Pinewood Court, Woodbury 55125. If you can't find free child care, it's okay to bring your kid(s), just know there's no structured program for them. The Pack asks that all dens have at least one parent representative attend but if more than one want to receive tips, tricks and best practices from adults who've been in your shoes, all the better. Contact your den families right now and see who'll attend this upcoming non-uniformed, very informative gathering.

Wolf Den earning achievements at Fall Pack camp!!

Posted on Oct 11 2014 - 9:41pm

Here's a nice picture of the Wolf den completing the "Your Flag" acheivement during the Fall pack overnighter!  Great job everyone!  Please let me know if you have any pictures from the camp, I'll get them posted.   Jason.vanberkom@gmail.com

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