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Pack Meeting
March 24th
Woodbury Baptist Church 6:20-7:30pm
see calendar entry for RSVP & details



Virtual parent meeting

Posted on Mar 1 2015 - 12:24pm

No one in this unit is a paid scouter. We're all volunteers and we're always hoping more of you will help with Pack needs. This month, there's a school break and a cultural holiday on our normal parent meeting date (the 2nd Tues/month) so we're having our meeting in an online correspondence/chat boardy manner. For those of you wondering what happens at a Parent meeting, this is a decent way to get an idea. But it's just an idea tho, those of us who attend know they're usually a more spirited gathering. 
Please go to the calendar entry for the March 2015 Parent Meeting then read and respond via the "add new comment" button. There's content on there already. Final words will be read/made on the second tuesday in March and necessary steps will then be taken.

The Spring Catalogue is out! The Spring Catalogue is out!

Posted on Mar 1 2015 - 11:20am

Each year there are two amazing scouting events the Spring and Fall University of Scouting. Every parent who has gone has said it's totally worth it but recommended to get required stuff elsewhere and take as many of the fun courses - the games, the crafts, the pizzaz - as you can. Not that the required training is bad there, it's just that nowhere else will you be able to get so many ideas so quickly and easily. Register early to make the most use of Pack funds because the cost will go up as the date draws near. It's for the boys. Surely you can make the time for a year or more's worth to the boys' enrichment.
(If the following links don't work, aren't copy and pasteable, go to: http://www.northernstarbsa.org - then mouse over on the left hand column to "training" and click on University of Scouting. There are some arrows pointing you to the PDF links in the right column.)
This link recommends parents of cub scouts take these courses at this Spring's University of Scouting:
And this one has the complete course catalogue:
Copy below is from the Council's site:
The Northern Star Council’s University of Scouting is one of the LARGEST One Day Supplemental Training Program available anywhere. It will take place on Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 8:00AM - 4:30PM at Lakeville South High School. The University of Scouting is a fun-filled, hands-on opportunity to network with other Scouters, and is truly a learning adventure. This one-day supplemental training event is designed for all Scout youth leaders regardless of experience.
Choose from over 120 courses with an emphasis on programs, skills, and resources to deliver high quality opportunities to the Scouting youth. New Leader and Position Specific training will also be offered. In addition, a vendor midway will be available offering exciting program resources, materials, and ideas.

March's Pack Meeting postponed 1 week & Parent Meeting online

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 11:24am

Normally our Pack meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of the month but because of Spring Break, we're moving the meeting back a week.
As luck would have it, our Parent Meeting which is normally held the 2nd Tuesday of the month with a delay one week falls on St. Patrick's Day so it will be moved to a virtual meeting. Please click on the calendar date for the parent meeting and post a reply. You can do this at any time, topcis are already posted for your input. 
The theme for March is compassion and your Pack Committee is developing some fun games to play at the Pack Meeting that will help the scouts get a better understanding of the theme.

Blue & Gold!!!!!!!!!!! Scouting's 105th bday! This partay is one fo da ages! You simply gotta be there!

Posted on Feb 17 2015 - 3:20pm

OK cake eaters, clear your calendars because Pack 513 has it goin on! Awww yaaaaaaaaaaaa.
This 115th bday of Scouting is gonna be magical AND ceremonious. Booo Yaaahhh!
The Pack has hired professional magician to put on a show.. wait that's an understatement if there ever was one. This performer will astound you AND deliver a scouting message. But it gets even better, because an elite group of Boy Scouts will also conduct a special ceremony commemorating some of our Pack's best and brightest.
Here's the shortlist for you insiders:
1) Arrive early. 5:30 pm the auction items start rolling in and bidding begins. Funds raised are used primarily to make our Pack Organized camps affordable.
2) Come dressed up, if you have a Scouting uniform - wear all of it. If not, dress up. And if you're a man or woman of uniform - this is a great time to represent.
3) Plan on a later evening than our usual Pack Meeting. This event goes all the way into the eight O'clock hour. (Sorry Matlock fans).
4) Remember your checkbook. In previous auctions we've had Twins and Wild tickets that turned out to be pivotal match-ups. Just sayin..
5) Because this awesome event crosses the dinner hours, this event features a pot-luck dinner, please RSVP (even with regrets), please visit the perfectpotluck site listed and sign up to bring a needed item.
6) Lastly, bring the whole fam. There's gonna be cake and entertainment for all !!!

Our Pack has 42 scouts but only 5 are RSVP'd for Tuesday's big event

Posted on Feb 15 2015 - 10:20am

Den leaders, please contact your members to try and get a more accurate idea of how many place settings we should have, how much purchased food to obtain, the size of the cake that should be purchased, etc.
If our 42 scouts bring their parents and siblings, we could see a crowd of close to 200. If the numbers as they are now indeed accurate, we're looking at a crowd of 12. Obviously there's potential for over and under spending here.
The perfectpotluck.com numbers are also of concern. 6 families have signed up. Access the Pack's event on perfectpotluck.com with username seshadri and password 4321. Also the auction has a neat web tool too: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4da8a822a5fa7-make1/21685233
Lastly, Pack leaders need to know why families are not RSVP-ing on our Pack website so we can make the program better. Often it's because a family forgot their username and password. Please encourage your families to RSVP to state their regrets. We really need to have everyone accounted for so we make the best use of the Pack's limited funds.
As a den leader, you have website super powers called admin rights which allow you to change your den families' password, look up their usernames etc - you can also use the pack website to send an email to just your den, or just other leaders, or eblast the whole Pack. If you forgot your username/password contact another den leader or click the contact us link requesting new password username.

A few words on neckerchiefs

Posted on Feb 11 2015 - 9:38am

At the Pack level, neckerchiefs make for easy identification of age. On a field trip, these neckerchiefs make it easy to spot your boys in a crowd or large, open space.
The neckerchief is part of the uniform, it's actually the most identifiable part of the uniform. The intent of the uniform is to create a group who look and act alike.
As a den leader you're a role model. If you wear your neckerchief, you can expect your boys will also wear theirs. If you don't wear a neckerchief, you can expect a mix of uniforms with neckerchiefs and ones without. When boys dress different, they tend to act different- often distracting from your group's activity.
If you haven't been wearing your neckerchief to events and want all your boys to start wearing theirs too, consider a neat neckerchief slide craft. Yeah a homemade slide will pass the uniform inspection! Google cub scout neckerchief slide ideas - there's a bazillion. If you find a cool one, please add a document to this site's "Files" section, simply scroll down til you see a folder titled. "neat craft ideas."
Lastly, being in full uniform at Tuesday's Blue & Gold will help make the best photos.

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