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Pack Meeting, 10.20
6:25 - 7:30 Woodbury Baptist



RSVP for FMSC Noon to 2pm, Oct 10

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 3:27pm

The Feed My Starving Children event at Bielenberg Sports Complex is drawing near. We need to let organizers know how many we are contributing. This is a whole family event so include your siblings, uncles and grandparents in your RSVP. And remember to give regrets if you're unable to attend so we don't have to call you at home, during dinner or in the middle of your favorite crime drama, game show, or sitcom. Details for the event are on the calendar entry.

Fall Pack Family Campers may be able to check off the following requirements

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 2:13pm

Parents, look through all the required belt loops for your son(s) rank and sign off the requirements that deal with the following:
Lions: * although not a belt loop, attendees may be able to do page 8, the 6 hike essentials as this material was addressed on the 1 mile hike.
Play two team building games, Plant and Animal I.D., Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace.
Wolf: Attend a camp, Plant and Animal I.D., Campfire song/skit, one mile hike, Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace.
Bear: Animal evidence, play a game with the den, help pitch a tent, camp overnight in the tent, plan a meal & cook it, campfire song/skit, Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace.
Webelos: Naturalist - Character & Eco System req's, Scholar - Character, ask 5 adults, all other req's., also tie a joining knot

Camp gear checklist - it's not perfect but it's a start

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 12:38pm


            _______          Bandana or Handkerchief                                     *                    
            _______          Down Slippers                                     *                     
            _______          Gloves (Liner)                                                         
            _______          Gloves/Mittens (Warm)                                     *                     
            _______          Hat (Brim)                                                         
            _______          Hat (Knit)                                     *                     
            _______          Hiking Boots             - Waterproof                                             
            _______          Hiking Pants (Long)             - Zipper pants work well. No Jeans!                                             
            _______          Hiking Pants (Shorts)                                     *                     
            _______          Jacket (Down)             - fiber ok in place of down.                         *                    
            _______          Long Underwear (Mid Weight)             - Polypro, not cotton.                         *                     
            _______          Rain Gear             - Breathable, no ponchos. Works well to block rain, wind, and serves as an extra layer.                                             
            _______          Shirt (Heavy)                                     *                     
            _______          Shirt (Long Sleeve)             - 2-3, can be used to layer when cold.                                             
            _______          Shirt (Short Sleeve, Wicking )             - 2-3                         *                     
            _______          Shoes (lightweight)                                                        
            _______          Sleeping Clothes             - Consider temperature and quality of sleeping bag when deciding what to wear. Clothing should only be worn in sleeping bag, not outside. A sleeping bag liner can also help.                                             
            _______          Snow Boots                                     *                    
            _______          Socks (Heavy)             - 2-3 pair, more if wet or snowy.                                             
            _______          Socks (Liner)             - Needed if using wool heavy socks.                         *                     
            _______          Swim Suit             - Trunks for boys, one piece for girls. Requirement depends on planned activities.                         *                    
            _______          Underwear                                                         


            _______          Backpack             - To hold gear. A duffel bag will work if you are parked near camp.                                             
            _______          Binoculars                                     *                     
            _______          Books                                     *                     
            _______          Camera                                     *                     
            _______          Camera Tripod             - Small (6") one for digital camera works great.                         *                     
            _______          Compass                                                         
            _______          Compression Sacks             - Good for sleeping bags and clothing.                         *                     
            _______          Cup                                                         
            _______          Day Pack             - Depending on planned activities.                         *                     
            _______          Eating Utensils                                                         
            _______          Fishing Equipment & License             - Depending on planned activities.                         *                     
            _______          Flashlight             - With extra bulb & batteries.                                             
            _______          Garbage Bags             - 1 or 2, Good for storing wet gear.                                             
            _______          Gators                                     *                    
            _______          GPS                                     *                     
            _______          Hand Sanitizer                                     *                     
            _______          Head Lamp                                     *                     
            _______          Hiking Poles                                     *                    
            _______          Insect Repellent                                                        
            _______          Jacket/Fleece                                                        
            _______          Knife             - Small pocket knife if you have the "totin chip"                         *                    
            _______          Lighter / Water Proof Matches                                     *                    
            _______          Maps                                     *                    
            _______          Mess Kit / Plastic plate & Bowl                                                        
            _______          Notebook & Pen/Pencil             - May be required depending on planned activities.                         *                    
            _______          Scout Book                                                        
            _______          Sleeping Bag             - Make sure bag is rated below expected temperature.                                              
            _______          Sleeping Pad                                                        
            _______          Soap             - Biodegradable. A scout is clean. Patrol box should also have this.                         *                    
            _______          Stuff Sacks             - Keep your gear organized.                         *                    
            _______          Sun Glasses                                     *                    
            _______          Tent             - One per two boys.                                            
            _______          Tick Kit             - Includes tweezers, small magnifying glass, small container to store tick in (to take to doctor), and also some medical alcohol wipes.                         *                    
            _______          Water Bottle             - 1 or 2 Nalgene™                                            
            _______          Whistle             - For emergency use only.                                            
            _______          Zip Lock™ Bags             - Good for keeping things organized and dry.                         *                    

                            Personal Items

            _______          First Aid Kit (Small)                                                         
            _______          Hand warmer (chemical)             - 2-4 packets handy.                         *                     
            _______          Lip Balm                                                        
            _______          Money             - Depending on location, there may be a trading post.                         *                    
            _______          Pee Bottle (a.k.a. Thunder Jar)                          (males only)              *                    
            _______          Prescription Medications                                     *                    
            _______          Sunscreen                                                        
            _______          Toilet Kit                                                        
            _______          Towel (Small)             - A scout is clean.                                            
            _______          Watch             - Waterproof                         *                    

            * Optional Item

How to get to Fall Pack Family Camp

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 12:34pm

The above link has maps OF the reservation as well as maps TO camp.
We are in Gwin Center. I'm hoping to arrive as close to 6 pm as possible.

Rank progression print out link

Posted on Sep 28 2015 - 11:08pm

This blogger has done some work for every rank and created free printables. I'd post the files directly but by visiting the site, it creates the revenue to keep the site up and running. Please visit it and print your own copy.


Posted on Sep 27 2015 - 1:31pm

RSVP for Fall Pack Family Camp now. Leaders need to gather supplies and work out the logistics of events. Details of the event are detailed on the calendar entry.

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