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Fall Pack Family Camp

October 14-16 





Health Forms & Allergies

Posted on Sep 26 2016 - 10:15pm

If you have a food allergy, please notify your Den Leader and also remember to include it in the notes of all RSVP's so the volunteer grocery shopper can make advised decisions.
Also under Menu in the left hand column of this page, go to Files, then scroll all the way down and click Health Form - the less than 72 hour version. This form needs to be completed once a year for each person attending any camp this year.
If you turned in about this time last year it's time to refresh. If you turned in a new one for the June Overnighter or Polar Camp, you're good. If you're unsure, please complete a new one.
Mrs. Peters secures the health forms in a 3 ring binder that travels to each Pack pack function. Once they become outdated, they are shredded, burned and the ashes spread across multiple zip codes.

Save some green on your uniform

Posted on Sep 26 2016 - 11:44am

New uniforms and gear can be somewhat pricey. There is one more affordable option I know of.

The Uniform Exchange Program from Pilgrim Cleaners is held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month 5:30-7pm at the Gabbert Scout Office. 5300 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis MN 55422. To donate your Blue Uniform or for more information on the Uniform Exchange Program, call Ellen 612-203-4971. 
You can also sometimes find cub scout uniforms at thrift stores, on eBay or even, Craig’s list. That’s how Mrs. Quick finds the ones she offers.
The easiest way though is the Scout Shop as it's a one stop place for everything scouting. http://www.northernstarbsa.org/Contacts/ScoutShops/ (see locations via link)
Magic Patch or similar adhesives are horrible for Boy Scout uniforms. It just doesn't hold up to the abuse boys put their uniforms through.
We're very fortunate to have a former pack member who's a professional and experienced seamstress in the area. For just $1 per patch, Mrs. Mindy Moffat will put your scout's patches on appropriately and securely. (That's a real bargain compared to the $4 per patch the scout shop charges.) Mindy's experience sewing patches on military uniforms while she lived in Germany is evident in her work. Look no further than your Cubmaster's khaki to see the quality of her craftsmanship.Your scout worked hard to earn his patch, make sure it looks good and stays looking good all while supporting a scouting family's new home business. Just Sew-Sew • 651-230-3036 •
moffat766@comcast.net • 766 Meadwood Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125 •Tailoring

Welcome to Pack 513!

Posted on Sep 25 2016 - 12:56am

Welcome to all of the new families to Pack 513. Thank you for joining cub scouts!
Your first order of business will be to verify that your contact information has accurately been entered into the website. 
If there is anything that is preventing you from access to this website please click the "contact us" button in the left hand column of this website. and let us help you. For those of you with access. please follow the instuctions below:

Please RSVP to the Fall Pack Family Camp by October 3rd

Posted on Sep 24 2016 - 9:42pm

Fall Pack Family Camp is Friday, October 14th - Sunday, October 16th.  Please RSVP by October 3rd.  Dave is planning a heck of a good time and he needs to know how many people to plan for.  Take a look at the awesome list of activities we will be doing in the calendar event.  Don't worry if you can't come for the entire weekend, you can also just come for the day on Saturday.  You can RSVP by just clicking on the event in the calendar and choosing "register" or "regrets". Plus, we will be providing some really cool lunch containers to all the scouters that attend!!  We need an acurate count to ensure we have the right amount of food and supplies for everyone!  Come out and have some fun with your fellow Scouts!! 

Webelos - Campout 9.30 -10.2 & Castaway Activity Pin

Posted on Sep 18 2016 - 9:46pm

Our District - Great Rivers - is having its annual fall camporee and this year it features activities that mirror the Webelos elective Activity Pin "Castaway." This is a great opportunity to see the next level of scouting. We'll be camping with a Troop. Let's talk about this opportunity person to person at the Pack meeting.

1st Pack meeting of the season is Tuesday - Den Leaders call to action

Posted on Sep 18 2016 - 9:41pm

Den Leaders - please email/make contact with your families asking them to attend this meeting that will feature a recruitment ceremony for our new members. Also, please come early as there is some additional set up and logistics for this event. And lastly, if you can bring a laptop it will help new members get plugged into this, our main communication tool.
Goals of this meeting include: establishing den meeting dates and locations either by date or avavilability. Set all you can, no need to set the whole year.
Get everyone to RSVP for upcoming events like Fall Pack Family Camp.
Get fundraiser info into everyone's hands.

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